Isabel Farrar de Szinay (“Dee Dee”)

Dee Dee grew up in Barrington, Illinois, and rode her horse on what is now the O'Hare International Airport. She was a lifetime equestrian who graduated from the Ethel Walker School in 1950. After a brief marriage, she embraced her other passion, playing the cello. Her early piano studies with Felix Gantz, Dean of the Roosevelt University Chicago Music College, prepared her for her cello studies at the New England Music Conservatory in Boston, MA. She finished her formal education studying with Luigi Silva of the Juilliard School of Music in New York City. Upon moving back to Ithaca, NY, she studied with Einar Holm and played in the Cornell Orchestra conducted by Karl Husa. She also reunited with her love of horses by teaching riding at Cornell University for many years. She implemented monthly schooling shows, a yearly AHSA local rated hunter/jumper show, and introduced dressage to the riding program.





Her music and equestrian careers followed her when she moved to Virginia. She played in the Petersburg Orchestra conducted by Dr. Nathaniel Gattlin and studied privately with Anne Bakker of Richmond, VA. At the same time, she earned her AHSA (now USEF) Dressage Technical Delegates License and advanced to an 'R' Dressage judge. Dee Dee sat on the VADA Board of Directors many years and served as President for one year. She was married to Capt. Andrew de Szinay, an international dressage judge for national shows and one of the founders of the FEI North American Young Rider Championships. Many years after his passing, Dee Dee retired as a dressage judge and turned to philanthropy. She and her daughter, Bettina, donated the "Captain Andrew de Szinay Memorial Executive Board Room" to the new USDF building in Lexington, KY.


Life is a circle, and Dee Dee’s final years were spent surrounded by her cats, horses and rose gardens at Glen Oaks Farm in Somerset, VA. With a continued passion for the cello where, until the end of her life, she continued private study with Doug Wolters of Silver Spring, MD. She was a quiet, private, giving woman, who touched all who knew her very deeply.





Their last conversation, June 2012

Dakota (5/9/88-7/31/12) & Dee Dee (3/14/32-8/15/12)

I will miss them forever

Bettina Greenlee Longaker